Loyola Executive

Loyola Executive is the training center for professionals and managers in the Loyola University, sponsored by the Society of Jesus. Its objective is to contribute to the development of society by forming leaders in the three areas of knowledge in which the University is involved: Persons, Society and Technology.

Its mission is to take a stand in the improvement of society by training competent professionals and managers (able to carry out the quality service expected of them), aware (responsible for the world they live in, called upon to take better care of it), compassionate (sensitive enough to perceive and respond to the needs of others), committed ( dedicating their whole person, creativity, intelligence, will and affection to making the world a more just place) and concerned about excellence in all their actions:  leaders in all walks of life, able to exercise responsibilities in a global and interrelated world.

Marta  Pérez Viguera

Marta Pérez Viguera

Fátima  Yaque Rubio

Fátima Yaque Rubio

Project Manager
Miriam Ramos Varas

Miriam Ramos Varas

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