The Department of Law plans and coordinates the studies in Law in the different undergraduate and postgraduate degrees of the University and supports and streamlines the research activities in the areas of Law. It is a young and dynamic department in fast growth, and formed by professors with extensive academic and professional experience. Through their scientific production, they participate in the reflection on legal problems in our society, trying to provide solutions that will transform it. Its connection with professional practice affords the student a direct relationship with the legal practice.

The members of the Law Department aspire to be a community that generates knowledge, through freedom and respect, committed to the promotion of justice. From the department, it is understood to be a joint project of work between teachers and students, open to collaboration with departments of other universities and especially with Law departments of Universities of the Society of Jesus.

The research work does not only allow solutions to be brought to society; it also achieves teaching with quality, and opening up Law studies to the reality of globalization and of current societies of knowledge. The two main research lines of the Department are Economic Law and Company Law, and the Protection of fundamental rights, and these are also the backbone of law studies at the University, both in the Bachelor of Law Degree as well as in the simultaneous Law and Business Management and Administration Degrees, and International Relations and Law, and Law and Criminology.

Javier Alés Sioli

María Bertrán Girón

Gloria Fernández Pacheco

Carmen García Ruiz

Julio Jiménez Escobar

María Lubomira Kúbica

José Luis Llaquet Entrambasaguas

Ana Mercedes López Rodríguez

Blanca Martín Ríos

Esther Montero Pérez de Tudela

Manuel Novo Foncubierta

María del Pilar Núñez-Cortés Contreras

Manuel Paniagua Zurera

Miguel Romero Velasco

Teresa Velasco Portero