The Department of Economics at Loyola University Andalusia gives classes in many of the University degrees: in the degrees of Economics, Business Administration, Law, International Relations, Social Work and Communication as well as in the dual degrees. Also, it gives classes in the Graduate School, Loyola Leadership School, in several Master’s and senior management programs, as well as participating in the Doctoral School of the University.

The teaching and research experience of the faculty in this department is ample, and their lines of specialization lie in the fields of agricultural economics, of natural resources and rural development and of regional economy.

You can contact this department via e-mail and at its official profiles on Twitter and  Facebook. Moreover, in its blog, LoyolaEcon, we publish analyses and commentaries periodically on topics of interest in national and regional economy.

Pedro  Caldentey del Pozo

Pedro Caldentey del Pozo


Luis  Amador Hidalgo

Luis Amador Hidalgo

María del Pilar  Campoy Muñoz

María del Pilar Campoy Muñoz

Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores

Manuel Alejandro Cardenete Flores

Adolfo  Cristóbal Campoamor

Adolfo Cristóbal Campoamor

María del Carmen  Delgado López

María del Carmen Delgado López

Ana  Hernández Román

Ana Hernández Román

Jesús Miguel Lasarte López

Jesús Miguel Lasarte López

María del Carmen López Martín

María del Carmen López Martín

Olexandr  Nekhay

Olexandr Nekhay

Laura  Padilla Angulo

Laura Padilla Angulo

Gabriel María Pérez Alcalá

Gabriel María Pérez Alcalá

Pedro Pablo  Pérez Hernández

Pedro Pablo Pérez Hernández

Melania  Salazar Ordóñez

Melania Salazar Ordóñez

Umed  Temurshoev

Umed Temurshoev

María José Vázquez de Francisco

María José Vázquez de Francisco