Doctoral Thesis

Doctoral Thesis


Requirements for reading the doctoral thesis

To proceed to the Reading of the thesis, the doctoral candidate must present a dissertation memory. This is a record that will include in all cases:

1. The doctoral thesis. It can be written in Spanish or English.

2. A positive report from the directors of the thesis, vouched for by the candidate’s tutor.

3. An article in a JCR journal (SCI o SSCI) written by the candidate and related to the topic of the doctoral thesis.

4. The active participation of the candidate’s documentation (communication, posters, presentation, etc.) in two international congresses related to the topic of the doctoral thesis.

5. The realization, documented through a certificate issued by the General Secretariat, of at least 1,000 hours in activities contemplated in the Doctoral Training Plan Program, among which will be included those corresponding to points 3 and 4.


The Memory of the doctoral thesis


Presentation of the doctoral thesis (norms, format and documents)

1. Summary of the documentation to be presented by the doctoral candidate:

a) The report, vouched for by the tutor, which has to be favorable and is defended by the director of the doctoral thesis. 

b) Document of approval issued by the Academic Committee of the program.

c) Two printed copies of the doctoral thesis.

d) A copy in digital format.

e) A report on the scientific relevance of the work done. 

f) Proposal of the tribunal.

g) If applicable, request the "International PhD" mention.

2. The copies of the thesis deposited with the General Secretariat will be on public display 15 working days. All the doctors in the University who are interested can consult them, and if desired, can send a written report to the Academic Committee of the program with any considerations they might consider opportune with respect to the doctoral thesis.

Norms, format and documents for presentation

Norms about the tribunal

Authorization for the reading and naming of the tribunal

Reading the doctoral thesis

Thesis in the regime of co-tutelage

Norms of the regime of co-tutelage

Thesis with international mention

Requirements to obtain international mention


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