The Loyola Doctorate operates under the Vice-Rector of Research. There are two governing and management bodies:

  1. The Director, PhD. Pilar Tirado
  2. The Board of the Loyola Doctorate:
  • The Secretary of the Loyola Doctorate is PhD. David Becerra.
  • The School Board will  be made up of a maximum of ten people:
  • The Director of the School, who will chair it, is PhD. Emma Motrico.
  • A maximum of six professors/doctors from the Doctorate Programs or the Master’s oriented toward research, namely PhD. Carlos García and PhD. Emilio Morales.
  • A professor/doctor in representation of the faculty of the Doctoral Programs.
  • A representative of the PhD students in the Doctoral Programs, a research fellow of Loyola, the student, Amalia Fuentes del Campo.
  • A staff member of the General Secretariat, with voice but not vote, who will act as the secretary of the board, Laura Montero.
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