Corporate Involvement

Corporate Involvement

The Department of Corporate Involvement is the unit of the Office of Innovation responsible for managing the corporate involvement of the University in companies that can be created from products of our researchers’ invention.

Loyola University Andalusia is especially interested and profoundly committed to entrepreneurship, in general, and to that which is the product of the scientific research, in particular. That is why the aim of this department is to make a relevant contribution to the technical and economic development of society in Andalusia.

The function of the Department of Corporate Involvement is, on the one hand, to create the proper environment for the creation of companies, and to handle the University’s participation in their management and administration. 

People in this department are specialists in techniques that favor entrepreneurship and managing companies based on knowledge, and are intimately connected with the rest of the departments in the Research Office, the lines of research in the University and the products or services they bring to light.

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