Office of Innovation

The Office of Innovation in Loyola University Andalusia is the instrument of the university for the development, innovation and transference of knowledge and technology. The main aim of this office is, on the one hand, to channel the needs of companies and organizations toward University research, and, on the other hand, to transform the ideas and knowledge generated by University research into products and services that are useful for society in general.

Currently, the Office for Innovation is at a very early stage although the University intends to start its activities soon. Those who work here: will do market research in a multidisciplinary professional framework; will design and develop products and services; will be responsible for marketing and will provide technical support to do so; will back the business initiatives of our researchers and, finally, will manage the participation of the University in them. All these tasks are essential for research to achieve a real social mpact.

The Office of Innovation is divided into five sections:

  • Business Intelligence
  • Research and Development
  • Corporate Involvement  
  • Customer Service
  • Technical Support
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