Management and Organization

Management and Organization

Quality Management

The Library of Loyola University set out on its pursuit  of  quality at the end of 2011 following the EFQM model, to apply continuing improvement to its activities and excellence in its service, so that users, its reason for being, could satisfy their needs far beyond  expectations.

  • Mission, Vision and Values, consult here.
  • Alliances. The Library is aware of the enrichment entailed in sharing experience, resources and information with other libraries and institutions. For this reason, the Library currently has agreements with:



  • Norms The Regulation (approved by the Governing Council on October 15th 2014 and published in the Official Bulletin of the University. Consult our regulation.
Charter of Services

The charter of services is the document of the Library that contains the services, commitment to quality in the provision of these services and the rights and obligations of users.

The charter of services can be consulted in reduced and expanded.


The processes carried out in the library are structured and developed according to the following documents:


The library’s annual report informs about the activities carried out, and the results of the services provided. Annual Report Course


Report course 2014-15

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