The Library in Loyola University Andalucía has gathered in the last 50 years one of the best collections on economy and business in Spanish university circles. Its challenge is to amplify its collections to all fields related to the knowledge it imparts, and to continue offering the whole university community the best information resources both in physical as well as in digital format.

The University has a library on each of its campuses, formed by a team of specialized librarians and with a wide variety of information resources for the training of the whole university community.

Francisco José  Cortés Martínez

Francisco José Cortés Martínez

Clara  López Rufino

Clara López Rufino

User support and loans Seville Campus
Mª Emilia  Moraleda Sánchez

Mª Emilia Moraleda Sánchez

Cataloguing Campus of Córdoba
Remedios  Tejada Moreno

Remedios Tejada Moreno

User support and loans Seville Campus
Ana Mª  Sánchez Torres

Ana Mª Sánchez Torres

Head of the Library Campus of Cordoba
Eva Mª  Toro Periñán

Eva Mª Toro Periñán

User support and loans Seville Campus
Juan Francisco Pérez González

Juan Francisco Pérez González

Beatriz Navarro Gutiérrez

Beatriz Navarro Gutiérrez

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