Our Library offers all our users a wide variety of ebooks through the following platforms:


It is a platform of electronic books in Spanish. Currently it offers some 80,000 titles of Spanish and Latin American editorials of a multidisciplinary nature and in constant growth.

Some of the editorials present in E-book are McGraw-Hill Spain, Tirant lo Blanch, Trotta, Siglo XXI,  UNED, Marcial Pons, J.M. Bosch, Dykinson Morata, EUNSA, Desclée, Rama, Reverté, CLACSO, Granica Marcomb or AENOR. A complete list of the Editorials can be found here.  The titles of this database are integrated in our catalogue and in Discovery ma+,  although it can also be consulted independently at the following web site.

Although to visualize an on-line book, the user does not have to do anything, we recommend that once you are on the platform, create an individual account to carry out functions like downloading books, saving searches, a history of searches, copying, noting down, underlining…

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Ebook Academic Collection

It is a database of the Ebsco company that contains the full text of approximately 132,000 electronic books of an academic and multidisciplinary nature.

The Ebook Academic Collection has books of university editorials as prestigious as Oxford University Press, MIT Press, State University of New York Press, Cambridge University Press, University of California Press, Harvard University Press or of commercial editorials like Elsevier, Ashgate, Taylor / Francis, Sage or John Wiley / Sons.

The electronic books on this database can be consulted on screen or downloaded on loan to a device for later reading. In the case of opting for the download, it is necessary to install a program in the device in question (PC, laptop, tablet….).

The complete list of journals and their coverage can  be consulted at the following link:

This database is integrated in Discovery ma+.


This is a database of the company Garcia Maroto, which has absorbed the contents of the Conten platform since 2014 and which contains the complete text of a selection of university manuals in Spanish of the editorials: Garcia Maroto, Pearson and McGrasw-Hill.

Although there are basically electronic books on Engineering, it is also possible to consult manuals about Business Administration, Communication, Psychology, Economics or Education.

Ingebook makes manuals available 365/24: 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, without  a limit for simultaneous users and in streaming mode (visualization on the screen, without the option of downloading or printing.

The total list of the books on Ingebook is available at this link
You can access the books through the catalogue of the Library or Discovery ma+.

{tab=Virtual Library Tirant}

The Virtual Library Tirant is the platform of the editorial Tirant lo Blanch for consulting books of this publisher in electronic format.

A collection of almost 2,000 titles, continuously updated, comprising both manuals as well as monographs of Tirant lo Blanch since 2005. The new titles are incorporated immediately after publication.

Searches can be made specifically for different areas of Law (Commercial, Civil, Tax….) o by a title or author.  The platform supports printing for up to 30 pages per session.

The Virtual Library Tirant is available at the following site or by searching in our catalogue ; it will link up to the concrete title of a specific book within the Virtual Library Tirant. Access to the platform is possible both on campus as well as thanks to our Hybrun system, after authenticating with the University login.
Once inside, a personal account should be set up to view the books.

If you need help, see this pdf.


Xebook is a platform with Spanish technology that enables online display and the temporary download (loan) of eBooks.

It currently has an interdisciplinary collection of eBooks of about 1,000 titles, from the Union of Spanish University Editorials (UNE), publishing services of all of the universities in Spain, to which Loyola Library is adding eBooks purchased from popular editorials of prestige like Anaya, Cátedra, Tecnos, Pirámide, Síntesis or Tirant lo Blanch.

This database is integrated in Discovery ma+, although it is also available at the following site.

Access to the platform is free, but for online viewing or to borrow eBooks, it is necessary to use Loyola logins.

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