Bibliographic Managers

Bibliographic managers are a very useful tool to help the researcher manage the huge number of articles, papers, book chapters or other documents that are used in daily life. In the market there have been many programs for many years, free and for pay, but the Library of Loyola Andalusia recommends:


Refworks is a reference manager that allows you to create your own database to store bibliographic references of interest, administrate bibliographic references (create folders, view them, edit them, etc.), create documents and your bibliography in different formats (APA, MLA, Vancouver, etc.) and share bibliographic references by RefShare.

To be able to use it, first you must create a personal account. To do this, from a computer at any University campus, go to the site: and click on "Register and create a new account”. If it asks for a group code, it will be provided at the Library desk. Once the account is created, to access it on later occasions you simply have to have a connection to internet and the login, which can be done from any computer.


Mendeley is a bibliographic tool especially intended for users with great collections of documents, or who include new pieces in their collection in large quantities. The greatest strength of Mendeley is its capacity to read documents and try to automatically find the corresponding tab, through Internet search. It is the easiest tool to debug and eliminate errors in our bibliographic database. It also has an interface that is very intuitive and directly connects each text with its corresponding tab. Its logging system of PDFs is also very practical for those who manage large amounts of bibliographic information.

EndNote Web

EndNote Web is a program for bibliography reference management on the web, designed to help researchers and students to manage their bibliographies and incorporate them into their research. It is available at the ISI Web of Knowledge portal. Access for users of Loyola University Andalusia is free thanks to the national license of the FEYCT.


Zotero is a Firefox bibliographic manager par excellence. Built into the browser, it allows a very easy way to download simple bibliographic references of books, articles, web and multimedia pages. Moreover, its server for groups of bibliographic collaboration is simple and very complete. Zotero is able to export its databases to more and more compatible bibliographic formats with most software on the market. Now we also have a version for iPhone and soon Zotero will be launched everywhere, which will free Zotero from its link to Firefox.

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