Interlibrary Loan

The interlibrary loan allows for temporarily borrowing books that are not in the documentary store of any of the Libraries in the Loyola University Andalusia. This service is for members of the teaching and research staff (PDI) of the University, for whom the Library assumes the cost.

How does it work?

It is recommended, before requesting any document through interlibrary loan, to make sure it is not in Library stock by consulting the CATALOGUE. The petition for interlibrary loan will be made through the Service for Obtaining Documents (SOD) of the Library.

Once the request is received, the Library searches for and requests another national or foreign library to make its stocks available. The originals that are obtained by interlibrary loan should be consulted within the deadlines established by the library.

The duplication and use of document reproduction will be for study or research purposes, the user being responsible for fulfilling the provisions of current legislation regarding intellectual property.

Usually it is the way to access books that are out of print. If one is still in print, the interested party can consider the option of purchasing the book. Only requests sent by email with the domain will be admitted.

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