The aim of the Department of Business Management of Loyola University Andalusia is to serve society by providing knowledge in the areas of: strategic management and operations, people management, entrepreneurship, innovation and marketing. The team of teachers in this department consists of academics and business professionals working in coordination, and with the desire to generate and spread their knowledge so it can enable improvements in the management of private or public organizations, with or without profit.

The main lines of work focus on topics such as: Organizational design and People Management, Social Economics and Social Innovation, Sustainable Development in rural territories, Branding, the Management of Corporate Social Responsibility and Marketing oriented toward social transformation.

This research enables the Department to bestow the knowledge and experience that they have acquired to both undergraduate and postgraduate students, to companies, to the academic world and to the whole of society. For all this, it has the support of companies and organizations with whom it collaborates very closely.

María José  Montero Simó

María José Montero Simó

Rafael  Araque Padilla

Rafael Araque Padilla

José Antonio  Ariza Montes

José Antonio Ariza Montes

José Luis  Arroyo Barriguete

José Luis Arroyo Barriguete

Ricardo  Castilla Cabezas

Ricardo Castilla Cabezas

 Pilar  Castro González

Pilar Castro González

Araceli  de los Ríos Berjillos

Araceli de los Ríos Berjillos

Jesús  Duarte Merelo

Jesús Duarte Merelo

Susana  Elena Pérez

Susana Elena Pérez

Luis Fernández Portillo

Luis Fernández Portillo

Vicente  Fernández Rodríguez

Vicente Fernández Rodríguez

María Fuensanta Galán Herrero

María Fuensanta Galán Herrero

Belén  Gutiérrez Villar

Belén Gutiérrez Villar

Ana M. Lucia Casademunt

Ana M. Lucia Casademunt

Rosa Melero Bolaños

Rosa Melero Bolaños

Emilio J.  Morales Fernández

Emilio J. Morales Fernández

José Javier  Pérez Barea

José Javier Pérez Barea

Yolanda  Muñoz Ocaña

Yolanda Muñoz Ocaña

Laura Serrano Mendoza

Laura Serrano Mendoza

Victoria Villegas Navas

Victoria Villegas Navas