University Master’s in Law

The University Master’s in Law is the enabling degree that responds to Law 342006 - October 30th, that makes it an obligatory requirement for exercising the profession of attorney-at-law in the courts. Thus, this Master’s is conceived as eminently practical training directed at those who have a degree in Law and seek access to these legal professions.

This orientation is a conditioning factor for the teaching staff, which consists of 60% of exercising professionals and 40% with a doctorate in Law and extensive experience in the legal profession or legal counseling.

Furthermore, they participate as collaborators in the main institutions and firms specialized in legal counseling and litigation in the courts, Bar Associations and professional associations of notaries and registrars, The Prosecution, The Professional Association of Magistrates, the State Bar Association and law firms in various Public Administrations, as well as in professional firms.

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