Universidad Loyola recently joined the newly created International Association of Jesuit Universities. We are now part of the vibrant network of more than 200 higher education institutions of the Society of Jesus

IAJU Identity

IAJU is an association of Jesuit Catholic universities and institutes of higher education. Founded in 2018 and approved by the Fr. General, Arturo Sosa, of the Society of Jesus, the IAJU is recognized as the international advisory and coordinating body to the Secretariat of Jesuit Higher Education and, through him, to Father General and his Assistants in matters related to higher education and the intellectual apostolate.

IAJU Vision

To become institutions that promote peace and reconciliation, justice and faith through research and the formation of students, in order to transform society and culture.

IAJU Mission

The mission of the IAJU is to contribute to the progress of the Society’s apostolate of higher education through the application of its decrees and documents in order to promote the development of a more just and humane world for the greater honor and glory of God.

IAJU Core Values


Our plan and priorities are guided and conditioned by our values of collaboration between and among Jesuits and Laity, between and among different disciplines, and between and among institutions.


We seek depth in understanding for both research and pedagogical purposes in order to avoid superficial interpretation of the truth or of motives and intentions of others.


We believe that the process of Ignatian discernment can assist our communities in understanding and assessing the challenges and opportunities of our times. Through the process of discernment, we prepare the ground for the transformation of both ourselves and our communities.


A preferential option for the poor

Taking our lead from the Gospels (and heeding the call of the previous General Congregations and the teachings of the Church), we recognize the privileged place occupied by the poor and marginalized, and the claim they have on our talents and our time.


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