Official Master's in Legal Advice for Companies

To ensure that companies can fulfill their important social functions, specialized legal advisors are imperative in all legal areas that most affect the company, concerning: the production of goods and services destined to satisfy differing needs; the generation of wealth; the distribution of wealth (through the employment that it generates, the tax and social contributions that it fulfills, its services of social responsibility) etc...

Through their professional services, among other things, legal advisors allow companies to: create, modify and extinguish legal structures of a business nature that they need to organize and manage; carry out structural modifications, constitute and dissolve temporary unions of companies; articulate and manage all aspects related to company recruitment; or lend legal assistance to governing bodies and management.

Furthermore, they are responsible for articulating and supervising the legal guarantees of company assets and of any risks which may derive from its activities, ensuring the fulfillment of legality in the company, and representing and defending the company in all types of procedures, claims and appeals.

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