Official Master's in Taxation and Tax Consulting

Companies and individuals frequently require tax consultation which will help them to fulfill the complex and changing obligations that come from our tax laws, to assert the rights and guarantees that tax legislation recognizes for them and, under current legislation, look for the best money-saving options in order to optimize their tax situation.

The great social demand for professionals specialized in tax consulting is seen in the existence of numerous associations of professionals linked to these tax consulting services as well as the specific registers or commissions of Tax Law which exist in many professional societies.

To provide all the services related to tax consultancy, solid training focused on professional practice is needed, The University Master’s in Taxation and Tax Consultancy seeks to address these training requirements which are not covered in sufficient depth in diploma and degree courses. The collaboration in this Master’s of the Institute for Fiscal Studies in the Ministry for Finance and Public Administration and of the main firms and chambers of our country constitutes a huge contribution for the attainment of these training objectives.

Institutional Partners:

Academic collaborators and professionals from the main institutions, chambers and specialized firms in Tax Law in the country participate in this Master’s. These institutions collaborate by providing teachers as well as work experience for the alumni of the program, which ensures that they can acquire the solid training that is required to carry out the profession of tax advisor.

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