Academic Affairs

Loyola Andalusia understands the tutorial as a pedagogical task aimed at protecting, supporting and monitoring students so that the educative process of each student develops in the most favorable conditions possible. The Ignation pedagogy that characterizes us highlights as one of its general principles the so-called "alumnorum cura personalis", defined as individualized attention to the other person, emphasizing the respect to be held for the other’s unique circumstances and  concerns, as well as for his points of view and talents.

In this sense, the University carries out a variety of action that lead to the integral formation of the students. These measures are included in the Tutorial Action Plan.
In Loyola University Andalusia we are aware that passing from the stage of secondary education to University education is difficult for the students.

Therefore, in the first year, the academic orientation aims basically to facilitate the integration of the newly-admitted students to University. For this, there is a team of professor-tutors who support and accompany each student in this process of adjustment to a new educational stage with new spaces, new norms, new classmates, new teachers and new ways of teaching and learning.

Each newly-admitted student is assigned a teacher-tutor when formalizing their enrollment who will:

  • Know the concerns and expectations of the pupil regarding this new stage that is starting.
  • Provide information about academic issues and the organization of the degree in which the student has registered.
  • Keep track of the academic results of the student and suggest ways of improving his/her formation or overcoming problems with respect to studies.

In short, the tutor will be the person of reference for the student in the Institution to turn to in case of any problems.

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