Tutorial Action Plan

The Tutorial Action Plan pertains to the University Guidance Service (SOU). It collects all the actions undertaken by Loyola University Andalusia regaring the protection, support and monitoring of students so that the educational process of each student runs as smoothly as possible.

Who are involved?

The Tutorial Plan of Action (PAT) develops through the work done by the tutors, coordinated by the University Guidance Service under the Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs, as well as through the joint action of different services.

The main departments involved in the Tutorial Action Plan of Loyola University Andalusia are: The University Guidance Service (SOU in Spanish); the Service for Employability and Entrepreneurship (SEE); the Service for Psychological, Educational and Social Attention (SAPES); the Service for Guidance and Information (SOI); the Service of Evangelization and Dialogue (SED); and the Service of International Relations (SRI).

How to contact?

The University Guidance Service is present on both Loyola University Andalusia campuses.
You can contact:

  • The Campus in Cordoba: Ana Hernández Román,
  • The Campus in Seville: Isabel López Cobo, icobo@uloyo
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