Unit of Teacher Training and Innovation

The Unit of Teacher Training and Innovation of Loyola University Andalusia is an initiative of the Vice-Rectorate of Academic Affairs that adopts the institutional proposal of initial and permanent formation for all Teaching and Research Personnel Personal (PDI). The aim is to inject innovation into the teaching methods used in the official degrees as well as to help further develop the professional outlook of the PDI.

The work of the Teacher Training Unit is divided into three areas:

  • Plan for Initial and Continuous Formation for PDI, where courses and activities are developed to complement the training of the teaching and research staff.
  • Educational Innovation Incubator, which provides a meeting place for PDI to exchange knowledge.
  • Technological Support Plan for Teaching, which promotes the use of the best tools and technology available  to teaching and research personnel.

Access to the web of the Training and Innovation Unit

Javier J. Nó Sánchez


Alicia Torres Guerra

Isabel López Cobo

Francisco José Cuadrado Méndez

Francisco Basallote Marín