The Career Services Service is responsible for carrying out Loyola University's commitment to their students' and graduates' employability and incorporation into the work market by providing them with better job opportunities.

This service develops two major areas: employability and entrepreneurship. On one hand, we prepare our students by bringing them closer to professional reality in programs of national and international internships; we advise and prepare them to look for jobs with a career guidance team; finally, we help them to find their first job.

On the other hand, we work to promote entrepreneurial culture and help them to create their own companies through training programs, workshops, conferences and other activities that facilitate theirpath


Esteban Almirón Navarro


Lourdes Márquez Bencano

Head of Employment

Mercedes Pérez Millán

Head of Entrepreneurship

Marta García Gavira

Rocío García Núñez

Raúl Garrido Villatoro


Traiana Montero Calvo

Career Guidance

Pedro Joaquín Iglesias León

Pablo Rodríguez García

Career Guidance

Rocío Noguera Alba

Raúl Díez Martínez

Entrepreneurship Advisor

Laura Carmona Cabezas

M. Carmen Rodríguez Pichel