Career Guidance Program

Career guidance is essential for students and graduates who are seeking employment and it will become a necessary ally for optimizing time, resources and effort in this process. In this context, the Employment Guidance Service aims to:

  • Inform students and graduates about the job options offered for the degrees they are studying.
  • Prepare students and graduates for carrying out job searches, training them in job seeking techniques and tools.
  • Assist and advise students and graduates about how to deal with looking for employment.

To meet these objectives, the guidance team offers different solutions and activities:

  • Individual attention. Through individual meetings, we help to plan, resolve doubts and prepare the job search process.
  • Workshops on employment tools. Practical training for small groups about how to look for employment efficiently and effectively.
  • Conferences: with the participation of key players in the labor market who can offer relevant information about achieving career goals and finding employment.
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