The employment program in Loyola University aims to provide graduates with employment opportunities by providing contacts with companies and organizations that offer employment depending on university training. To achieve this goal, the Employability and Entrepreneurship Service provides our graduates with three tools:

  • Work placement Service. Through an online platform, the graduate can see job offers which they can be apply for quickly and easily. This platform allows efficient tracking of the state of their applications.
  • "Recruiting on campus" Program. This program brings together large companies that are looking for talent with our graduates on the University campus itself. The companies come and explain what they are looking for and later carry out a selection process among the graduates enrolled in this activity. They are usually companies like Deloitte, Abengoa, P&G, E&Y, BDO, Decathlon, Leroy Merlin, PWC, Garrigues, etc.
  • The Job Newsletter which contains relevant information for graduates seeking employment.
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