The careers of many of the graduates of Loyola University advance by launching their own business initiatives. Therefore the University offers programs and activities to promote the entrepreneur culture as a means of entering the labor market, preparing students to face this option with the greatest guarantees of success, while fomenting the creation of socially responsible companies.

To favor this, the Entrepreneurship Area organizes different programs and activities:

  • Programs to accelerate business projects.These are intensive programs that help set up participating projects quickly and securely. Among them, an outstanding program is one developed by the University along with the Founder Institute Andalucía, an acceleration program for technology-based companies.
  • Training Activities. Workshops that emphasize the relevant aspects needed to create and develop a company.
  • Round tables. In collaboration with the subject of Entrepreneurship, round tables and conferences are organized where entrepreneurs participate and share with students their experiences of success and failure.
  • A Mentoring "Telemaco" Program. Through this program, experienced entrepreneurs and business executives mentor the projects or our students and graduates.
  • Individual Counseling Service. To help to resolve doubts, offer information and program the creation of companies.
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