The student in Loyola University who wants to do an internship must meet the following requirements:

  • Have an open student file and be registered in a University degree.
  • Have passed 50% of the credits of the degree in progress. This percentage must include 100% of their basic courses.
  • Be registered on the platform that manages the internships: Gestiempleo.
  • Sign an insurance policy before beginning the internship. All the students doing internships are covered by an insurance policy taken out by the University for this purpose. Procedure to be followed incase of accident 

How to find an internship?

Gestiempleo is the platform that the Employability and Entrepreneurship Service offers to businesses so that they can publish their offers; and to students so they can consult these and apply for one if it interests them. To do so, the students must register on the platform, complete the data on the curriculum template and maintain it up-to- date, and also request internships that might interest them.

Access to Gestiempleo

Download the manual for signing up

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