Commitment to Solidarity

Inherent to Ignatian spirituality and also a characteristic of Loyola University is to trainpeople to open their eyes, with a critical capacity to analyze the serious problems affecting the world, with compassionate hearts and willing to serve.

Thus the second line of action of the SED acquires meaning as it revolves around the commitment to solidarity. It is a line that reaches out to the sensitivity of many young people in general, and our own students in particular, although not always from a commitment of faith but from a humane dimension of solidarity. We understand that the Good News of the Gospel carries in its genes this dimension of commitment to the underprivileged that we do not want to renounce.

Volunteer Experiences

Volunteer experiences are offered throughout the year and during the summer.  Some are isolated and involve awareness-raising: food collection; races with solidarity themes; outings to underprivileged areas; etc.  Others involve a training process and greater commitment.

They are conducted in collaboration with different organizations: Food Banks, Caritas, Associations, Parishes and various NGOs like Entreculturas, Claver Volunteer work and InteRed.

Some of the experiences are led directly by the SED, and others are run jointly with the Area of Volunteer Work of the University.

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International Volunteers

In summer, international volunteer experiences are offered in Latin America and Africa, in collaboration with the Jesuit Universities of Spain, UNIJES.
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