More I+D

Along with SED activities aimed primarily at students and confined to an informal, free realm that is complementary to the academic one, there are also other training programs under the coordination of the Identity and Mission Commission, developed at the University in this area specifically for the teaching and research staff as well as for administrative and service personnel.

Several such programs, such as those known as Loyola I and Loyola II, have a long history and represent an invaluable contribution to areas that are so necessary to identify with the project of Loyola University. They are organized annually in the months of November and June, and coordinated by the network of university centers of the Society of Jesus in Spain, UNIJES.

The Plan for Training Laity in the Puerto de Santa Maria for collaborators of the Society of Jesus, which has been taking place for the last ten years, is another accomplishment, and an experience in which a great number of people are involved in Loyola University.

Recently a training itinerary in I+M has been designed to be implemented in each center, also through UNIJES. This itinerary, as it is a common framework reference, is flexible in order to respond to the specific needs of each center and to the personal circumstances of those who will be following it.

The head of this training itinerary in Identity and Mission in Loyola University is Guillermo Rodriguez-Izquierdo SJ, who also works closely with Jose Juan Romero SJ.

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