The General Secretariat of Loyola University Andalucía is responsible for the management, registering, filing and custody of all documents and official acts pertaining to the academic life of students and teachers, and those which come from the governing bodies of the University. It is also responsible for certifying all the administrative acts that appear in the documentation deposited.

Its mission is to provide students and teachers with an academic administration committed to the global vision of the University and in accord with established legal requirements, at all times striving for excellence and maximum quality in the services rendered, as a socially responsible service that prioritizes the individual and the university community, on whose account this activity is carried out.

Many of the academic procedures that you will have to perform as students will take place in the General Secretariat, and to enable this, all our human and technological resources are made available to you to prevent these administrative responsibilities from unduly occupying more time than necessary, to enable you to concentrate on what is really important: your education.

Thus, this service accompanies you in the processes involved in admission, registration, applications for student aid and grants, planning exam dates and ensuring the accuracy of all your grades, issuing relevant certification when needed and, finally, dealing with the issuing of your official degree with respect to the Ministry. Also, it is responsible for organizing one of the very special moments in every promotion, the graduation ceremony


Pedro Pablo Pérez Hernández

General Secretary

957 222 100

Juan Francisco Plaza Sánchez

General Vice-Secretary

955 641 600

Laura Montero Perales

Head of General Secretariate – In charge of the Cordoba Campus

957 222 100 (Ext. 2113)

Pilar Montero Perales

Head of Seville Campus

955 641 600 (Ext. 2455)

María Jesús Perez Butelo

Administration Service Staff Member

957 222 100 (Ext. 2189)

Matilde Losada Rodríguez

Administration Service Staff Member

957 222 100 (Ext. 2145)

Carmen Maigler Cansino

Administration Service Staff Member

955 641 600 (Ext. 2454)

Alicia Conde Ridao

Administration Service Staff Member

955 641 600 (Ext. 2453)

Andrea Burgos Padín

Administration Service Staff Member

955 641 600 (Ext. 2471)

Carmen María Cortés Téllez

Administration Service Staff Member

957 222 100

Irene Gallardo Gil

955 641 600 (Ext. 2513)

Pilar Algaba Cenizo