Recognition of Credits

Candidates admitted to Loyola University can apply for the recognition of credits for subjects passed successfully in this or any other University.

According to what is established in Royal Decree 861/2010, what is understood by credit recognition is that the University accepts credits obtained in official studies in this or any other university, and computes them as other different ones for the purpose of obtaining an official degree.

Students from Higher Level Professional Training Cycles who hold Superior Technician degrees can also apply for partial recognition of the studies they have done. For more information on the credits that can be computed by Loyola University, click on the following link


See table of credit recognition for students from Higher Technical Certificates



Transcripts seeking credit recognition will be processed at the petition of the interested party, who must present the following documentation within the deadlines established:

  • The signed and duly completed Application form. It is available at the General Secretariat.
  • Photocopy of valid National Identity Document, or a passport.
  • Copy of the Personal Academic Transcript of the undergraduate degree, which indicates subjects passed, their type and the grades obtained.
  • Syllabus or program of each of the subjects seeking recognition, stamped with the seal of the center where the subject was taught showing the year in which it was done, and indicating the competencies associated with it, as well as the contents and activities involved, its extension in ECTS credits and the evaluation system implemented.

Application form

This will be submitted, duly completed and signed within the time limits established by the General Secretariat located in:

  • Cordoba Campus (ETEA): Ground floor (Building 1)
  • Seville Campus (Palmas Altas): Ground floor (Building F)

To obtain the application form, click here.


The application period for credit recognition for the academic course 2016/2017 will be from Aril 1st to July 15th 2015.

The cost of credit recognition

The cost of credit recognition when studies have been completed in a University other than Loyola will be 100% of the price of the credit fixed by Loyola University in each academic course.

In the case of studies undertaken in Loyola University, the price will be equal to 10% of the price per credit set for each academic course.


Title VIII of the General Academic Regulation of July 2014


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