Transfer of Academic Records


To continue studies in Loyola University

Students who wish to continue their studies in Loyola University should apply for admission depending on their academic status at the moment the application is made.

Student with incomplete university studies (with fewer than 60 credits completed).

Those students from other Universities who have taken and passed fewer than 60 credits will have to take the Entrance tests established by Loyola University.

For further information about the tests and the documentation that must be brought on the day of the Entrance tests, please contact General Secretariat.

Request Admission

Students with incomplete official university studies (with 60 or more credits)

Those students from other Universities who have taken and passed 60 credits or more are exempt from the Entrance tests established by Loyola University.

For admission, they must submit to the General Secretariat their Application for Transfer of Academic Records along with their Personal Academic Record Transcript from the University of origin.

After evaluation by the Admissions Commission, the admission results will be promptly notified to the address indicated in the application form.

Deadline for application submission

During the month of May every year.

Previously, a request can be made for a study after the date designated for this.

Location of Presentation

The admission application can be presented in the General Secretariat or by sending it through the post to the General Secretariat.

Campus Córdoba Campus Sevilla
C/ Escritor Castilla Aguayo, 4 C/ Energía Solar 1 (Edificio F)
14004 Cordoba 41014 Seville

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Formalizing enrollment

Once the student has been admitted by Loyola University, he/she should visit the university of origin with the Letter of Admission to request the transfer of the Academic Record Transcript. After paying the University of origin the transfer fees required for the transcript, this receipt must be submitted along with the rest of the necessary documentation in order to formalize enrollment. 

Those students who are admitted can request that credits they have studied and passed in the University of origin be computed. For further information about credit recognition, please contact General Secretariat.


To continue studies in another university

Students in Loyola University who wish to change universities or begin new studies simultaneously with current ones in another university, should request the transfer of academic records and pay the corresponding fees.

The following documents will be necessary to accompany your application form in the General Secretariat:

Transfer Costs

The price for transferring academic records to another University for the academic course 2015-2016 is 32€

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