Requirements and Documentation

All those candidates who want to register for the Master’s Courses offered by the University of Loyola Andalusia must fulfil the requirements established by current legislation and by the University of Loyola Andalusia, and depending on the mode of access, as specified in the following screens. 

A National Degree

Legal Requirements:

  • To be in possession of an undergraduate university degree that affords access to Official University Master’s Studies

Loyola Requirements:

  • You must have passed the entrance tests established by the Admissions Committee of the University of Loyola Andalusia for the Official Master’s Studies.

Documentation necessary to apply for admission:

  •  Copy of a current valid national identity card or a passport in the case of foreigners.
  • Copy of the undergraduate B.A., Engineering, Technical Engineering or Professional Formation degree or equivalent (or the corresponding voucher for having asked for it).  If you are not in possession of the degree or its voucher when applying for registration, it should be handed in when the registration is finalized.
  • Copy of the Personal Academic Record of studies (B.A., B.S. Engineering, Diploma, Technical Engineer or Professional Formation …) that includes the GRADE AVERAGE.
  • Copy of the academic certificate(s) attesting to language skills  (if the student has one.)
A Foreign Degree

Legal Requirements:

  • To be in possession of a degree in higher education that gives access to the Official University Master’s Studies according to Spanish legislation.

Loyola Requirements:

  • To have passed the entrance exams established by the Committee of Admissions at the University Loyola Andalusia for official Master’s studies. 

Clarifications about documentation issued abroad:

  • It should be official and issued by entities authorized to do so, according to the legal regime of the country in question.
  • It should be presented afterbeing authenticated through diplomatic channels or, when appropriate, by the Hague Convention Apostille when the student does  not belong to a Member State of the European Union, or is from a country that has signed international agreements.
  • It should be accompanied, when necessary, by its corresponding official translation into Spanish.

Documentation for the admission application:

  • Copy of updated National Identity Document, or a passport in the case of foreigners.
  • Copy of the degree of undergraduate studies: Licenciado (University Graduate Degree from a 5 year degree),  Diplomado (University Graduate Degree from a 5 year degree), Engineering, Technical Engineering or equivalent degrees ( or corresponding voucher for having applied for it).  If you are not in possession of your degree or voucher when submitting the application, it should be handed in when completing registration.
  • Copy of the Academic Transcript of the undergraduate degree, Licenciado, Diplomado, Technical Engineering Studies…
  • Copy of the certification issued by the higher education establishment, accrediting that the undergraduate studies completed in the country awarding this degree enable the student access to doctoral studies in the issuing country.
  • Copy of an official certificate for accrediting foreign languages (if you have one.)
  • Application form
  • Two Letters of Recommendation.
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Presentation of documentation:
After doing the online application, all candidates must present the documentation required according to the modality of access in the General Secretariat, through one of the following channels:
  • In person, in the following office hours:

      Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 13:30  and from 16:00 to 17:30
      From June to August, from 9:00 to 14:00

  • By Post, to the General Secretariat – Loyola University, at one of the following addresses: 

Campus Córdoba                                           Campus Palmas Sevilla

C/ Escritor Castilla Aguayo, 4                          C/ Energía Solar 1(Edificio F)

14004 Córdoba                                              41014  Sevilla

  • By email, in PDF files
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