Honor Loans - Dual Business Program

Students admitted into the Dual Business Degree that the University offers in conjunction with Loyola University Chicago can request an honor loan which will be granted to those who comply with the requirements established in the application period of each academic year.

Honor loans are a study aid granted by Loyola University at 0% interest. They are to be repaid at the end of the year following the student’s graduation. They consist of a total or partial reduction of the fees the student must pay (depending on the percentage of the loan) to Loyola University through this program, complying with the requirements established on the dates convened for this type of aid.

They are granted for only one academic year; a new application process is necessary for renewal, accompanying the application with documentation certifying the student’s household economic situation.

Submission of Applications

The duly completed and signed application form, along with the Income Tax Certification, must be submitted in person at the General Secretariat of Loyola University. For any question about the process involved in requesting this aid, you can request further information by email at .

Download the application here


Deadline for application submission

From June 1st to 30th

No applications will be accepted outside the established deadlines

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