The Service of Technologies of Information and Communication (ICT) is an administrative unit that depends on the Management of the University. This service, as a mainstream approach to the whole institution, is in charge of providing and implementing ICT to make Loyola Andalusia “technologically advanced university”.

To this end, its activity involves the development, planning, management and provision of infrastructures and technological services to efficiently support the whole university community in the areas of teaching, study, research and administrative management, while driving innovation and quality within the strategic framework of the University.

To do so, the best ITIL practices are being implemented to adequately manage and optimize both physical and human resources, facilitating the development of a multitude of University activities and imbuing them with professional and personal enrichment.

Mª del Carmen Ramírez Moreno


Jorge Fernández Marín

Networks and Systems Coordinator

Antonio Cid García

Technician specialized in Networks and Systems

Juan José Ojeda Andrades

Diego Pérez Pastor

Software Projects Coordinator

Antonio Muro Guerrero

Technician specialized in Software Projects

Francisco Javier Muriel Zafra

Technician specialized in Software Projects

Antonio Ángel Muñoz Muñoz

Technician specialized in Software Projects

Daniel Lancha Carámbano

Microcomputing Coordinator

Francisco Javier Gómez Sánchez

Technician in Microcomputing (Sevilla)

Alejandro Moreno Bejumea

Technician in Microcomputing (Sevilla)

Cristian Emanuel Aranda Gutiérrez

Technician Customer Support

Miguel Tirado Carrillo

Technician Customer Support

Antonio Pozo Cebrián

Technician in Microcomputing (Cordoba)

Jorge García Carrasco

Technician in Microcomputing (Cordoba)

Jesús Camacho Espejo

Technician Customer Support

Tamara Saco García