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The Campus of Córdoba has four buildings that occupy a total surface of 11,286 m2. The most modern is Building 4 which was inaugurated in September 2012; it was designed by the study of the architect Luis Gimenez Soldevilla and executed by the Andalusion construction firms Jícar (Córdoba) and Inabensa (Abengoa group).

This construction is based on sustainable criteria and ecological recommendations, following the guidelines of the Company of Jesus in this respect, in its natural lighting, heating and air-conditioning, efficient ventilation and vegetated roof coverings.

The installations are automatic and high-tech, with electronic white boards and projectors in all classrooms; students’ desks are incorporated with totally individualized electrical and voice data outlets as well as wireless Internet connection access (WIFI).  The other campus installations are constantly being expanded and remodeled, according to predetermined criteria for energy efficiency and sustainability

Opening hours

Córdoba Campus is open:

From Monday to Friday      from 07:30 to 21:30*  
(From July 27th to August 23rd  the campus will be open from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 15:00. *  (*The Campus will be closed on Saturdays between July 27th and August 23rd  2015.)

Access and Parking

  • on foot and by bicycle, since it is very near the center of town.  There are two parking areas for bicycles, which are next to the entrance doors of Buildings 3 and 4, respectively.  These areas can be used during the hours that the campus is open.  
  • By City line bus.  Lines 02  and  05  of Aucorsa Bus Company have stops near the Campus.  For more information, you can visit their website at AUCORSA.  
  • By motorbike.  The Loyola University has parking for motorbikes next to Building 4.  This area can be used during the timetable that the campus is open.  
  • By car. The Loyola University has a total of 400 outdoor parking places as well as 19 private parking places.  The car park is open from 7:00 to 22:00 from Monday to Friday.

Cafeteria and Vending

The Cordoba Campus of the Loyola University has a cafeteria that offers breakfast, lunch and afternoon snacks. In addition, our catering service offers cocktails, coffee breaks and other special services.

Opening hours are 08:00 to 19:30 from Monday to Friday during the school year.

The menus offered for students and staff are varied and balanced, with 3 choices offered daily for the first and second courses.

  • Price of the Menu:  5.70€   (Including: first and second course, drink, bread and dessert or coffee)
  • Price of the Half-Menu:  3.90€  (Including: first or second course, drink, bread and dessert or coffee)

There are also vending machines on the ground floor of Building 4 with high-quality products, made daily.

Security and Surveillance System

Cordoba Campus of the Loyola University has a security and surveillance system in all its facilities as well as in surrounding areas.

Identification Cards

Students and personnel in the University have Identity Cards that permit the holder to:

  • Use the printing systems
  • Use the Library Loan Service

If you are a student in this University you can send your application through the General Secretariat.


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