The Human Resources Service forms part of the organizational structure of Loyola University Andalucía for the all-round development of those in the institution.

The Human Resources Team is committed to quality in the development and fulfillment of its activities, especially in the recruitment, evaluation and development of human capital as well as in the creation of its own institutional culture. This involves all the people who take part in it, promoting the satisfaction and well-being of members of Loyola University Andalucía.  

Among other tasks, Human Resources is responsible for personnel selection, recruitment and integration processes in the different services: those of reception and integration of new personnel, the evaluation of PDI activity and  PAS performance; PAS and PDI training and the management of personnel and labor relations.

Mª del Mar  Quintana Valverde

Mª del Mar Quintana Valverde

Aurora  Rubio Pérez

Aurora Rubio Pérez

Head of Administration
María Soto de Prado

María Soto de Prado

Head of Development
Pedro Martín Sánchez-Cervera

Pedro Martín Sánchez-Cervera

Administration Assistant
Jacobo  Arce Aliseda

Jacobo Arce Aliseda

Evaluation and Development
Begoña Olavarría Martínez de Salinas

Begoña Olavarría Martínez de Salinas

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