Loyola, a University for the Future

The Loyola University is the eleventh in the Andalusian university system and the first private university of social initiative in the autonomous region.  It is sponsored by the Society of Jesus, committed to dialogue and different cultures, and aspires to be recognized: for its academic and research excellence, for the creation of knowledge for the problems and needs of today’s world and because it is here where men and women are formed to be committed to the development of a more just and sustainable society. In conclusion, it is a Jesuit University upheld on the values of excellence, exigency, service, universality, commitment, spirituality and the passion for knowledge.

Recognized by the Andalusian Parliament on November 23rd, 2010, The Loyola University centers its activity in eight areas of knowledge: Economy, Law, Political and Social Sciences, Communication, Psychology, Education, Engineering and Business.

The Loyola University is the fruit of an alliance between civil society and the academic world, of the collaboration between Jesuits and lay people.  A University for the future.


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