Specialization and skill development

Postgraduate formation takes place in Loyola University in its Loyola Masters.  It is oriented to specialization and to developing skills, key features for the professional future of the young people in today’s work market.  All the Master’s degrees in Loyola Masters are official and recognized in the whole European Union, and are also validated by the quality evaluation agency, ANECA.
But doing a Master’s in Loyola Masters is much more than acquiring specialized knowledge.  It also means developing and putting into practice critical skills for professional performance, like leadership, the ability to negotiate, communication, innovation, entrepreneurial capacities, the ability to manage people… Within this framework is the program Leaders for the World (LPM) -- a degree in itself, developed for the school and developed transversally throughout all of the Master’s courses -- and playing a fundamental role. 
Furthermore, employability is another of the features that differentiates the educational offer of the Postgraduate School; in fact, the employability index of Master’s students is 98%.  

In other words, the Loyola Masters offers comprehensive formation, based on knowledge, skills and values, with an international vocation and vanguard methodologies and teaching technologies.  The aim is no other than to form tomorrow’s professionals, the new leaders, as excellent persons who want to change the world.
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