The Loyola Doctorate

The Loyola Doctorate in the Loyola University is the center responsible for managing and teaching doctoral studies. Obtaining the doctorate degree implies the culmination of university studies internationally, and the ability to carry out scientific research at the highest level. In the School we invite students with high levels of standards and academic excellence to participate in this research adventure, the forerunner of innovation and development.

Currently, the Loyola Doctorate offers an official master’s with research orientation and an official doctorate program, although soon there will be more offers in our catalogue, Within this framework, there is an organization of numerous scientific and informative activities backed by University departments and open to doctorate students as well as the rest of the academic community and future students.

The main aim of the Loyola Doctorate is to prepare our students for access to job positions that demand the highest academic qualification at an international level. These can be in universities, business study centers and organizations, technologically based companies, companies based on knowledge and all those firms and organizations that need specialists in advanced methods.

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