Research Institutes

The Research Institutes in Universidad Loyola Andalucía are centers dedicated to scientific research, development, innovation and the communication of subjects that demand a high degree of specialization.  Owing to their very nature, multiple disciplines are involved and the professionals dealing with them are of internationally recognized prestige. The University Loyola Andalucía invites students with a high scientific level and standards, who are  in the Doctoral Programs, to take an interest in the activities in our institutes.

The Research Institutes of the University Loyola Andalucía comply with the strictest standards with respect to those who belong to them as well as to the resources at their disposition and the results obtained.   The professionals in these centers carry out their activity in a highly creative and necessarily multidisciplinary environment.  The objective is not only to produce high quality, internationally recognized and contrasted knowledge, but also to develop prototypes and innovations that can be patented, and that result in an effective transfer of both tangible and useful products and processes to society.

Currently, the University Loyola Andalucía has two Research Institutes:

  • The Loyola-Abengoa  Technological and Scientific Research Center for Energy and Sustainable Development
  • Foundation ETEA for Development and Cooperation