The University Governing Board

The University Governing Board is the collegiate body that corresponds to the ordinary academic government of the University.

It is made up of:

Gabriel María Pérez Alcalá


Pedro Pablo Pérez Hernández

General Secretary

Carlos Ramón García Alonso

Vice-Rector for Research

Francisco José Martínez Estudillo

Academic Vice-Rector

Miguel Romero Velasco

Dean of the School of Political and Juridical Science

Javier J. Nó Sánchez

Dean of the School of Human and Social Sciences

Vicente Fernández Rodríguez

Dean of the School of Economics and Business Management

Fabio Gómez-Estern Aguilar

Director of the Superior Technical School of Engineering

Emma Motrico Martínez

Director, Doctoral Programs

Marta Pérez Viguera

Director, Loyola Masteres

Manuel Molina Trujillo

General Manager