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Universidad Loyola Andalucía, the first private social initiative University in Andalucía, promoted by the Company of Jesus, is recruiting PhD STUDENTS:

Tesis title: Simulation of Energy Storage Systems in Renewable Energies

Universidad Loyola Andalucía offers:
Host institution: Department of Engineering
Type of employment: Full time, 3 years.

Supervisors: Francisco Montero Chacón and Juan F. Carbonell Márquez


  • Bachelors degree (Finished) + Master (Finished or ongoing) [240 + 60 ECTS] or
  • Bachelors degree with honors (Finished) [300 ETS] and
  • B2 English Level
  • Preferred areas: materials science and engineering, continuum mechanics, structural engineering, mathematics, electrical engineering

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Last application date: 31-01-2017

In this project, we propose the analysis of energy storage systems (ESS) at different scales of observation, namely the material level in order to understand the physical phenomena involved in the storage mechanism (e.g. diffusion), the component level in which materials can be treated as homogeneous media, and finally the system level on which life-cycle tests can be carried out in order to assess their performance. This approach requires the combination of different tools (e.g. discrete models) or even mesoscale modeling tools that filling the gap between the discrete and continuum scales (e.g. quasi-continuum methods at finite temperature), in order to understand the aforementioned physical processes. From the continuum scale perspective, we aim at developing advanced coupled thermal-electro-chemo-mechanical finite element models on which perform lifecycle tests, while interacting with lower-scale models via multiscale techniques. This approach is regardless of the type of the EES subjected to study (e.g., Li-ion batteries, phase-change materials, thermochemical storage, or sensible storage devices).

The student will acquire deep knowledge in several fields: multiscale modeling, resolution of Multiphysics problems, combining discrete and continuum tools (e.g. finite element method). Moreover, the student will learn and develop skills highly appreciated in R&D departments of engineering companies such as team and collaborative working, advanced programming, independent research, or scientific writing and communication (e.g. scientific papers or oral presentations at international conferences). The student will have the opportunity of making research stays at prestigious institutions. In addition to this, the PhD-candidate will be offered the possibility of starting an academic career teaching some courses in engineering degrees and supervising student projects. This career may be continued at Universidad Loyola Andalucía or another academic institution.

Universidad Loyola Andalucía will specially value candidates whose curriculum vitae show:

  • Scientific research and production: seminars, congresses, books or publications in magazines.
  • Research stays in Universities of recognized international prestige.
  • Experience in models and methods of scientific research.

Universidad Loyola Andalucía, will receive the curriculum vitae with the following references:
PhdIngRE: PhD STUDENTSHIP. Simulation of Energy Storage Systems in Renewable Energies.

Those researchers interested within the process should send their complete curriculum vitae, updated and with two recommendation letters to the following email address, specifying clearly the reference/s in which it wishes to be evaluated:

The curricula received either incomplete or not meeting the terms of the announcement will be automatically refused.

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