Internship placements in companies

The aim of the company internship program in Loyola University is to assist students’for entering the working world, complement academic training and put into practice the knowledge they have acquired, as well as offer work experience to students and graduates which will helpin their search for their first job.

The internships complement their corresponding degrees and can be experienced in over 1000 companies and organizations at different levels and locations, whether local, national or international. An on-line platform manages the distribution of internships andinforms students about what is on offer, letting them sign up according to their interests and priorities. There are two types of internships:

  • Curricular, which are obligatory and belong to a particular subject. In this case, students must hand in trainees’ reports about their internship.
  • Extra-curricular, and voluntary, once the student has completed the obligatory curriculum practices.

They are regulated by the currentnorms which are found in RD 592/2014 of July 11, 2014


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