Requirements and Documentation

All those candidates who want to register for the undergraduate degress offered by the University of Loyola Andalusia must fulfill the requirements established by current legislation and by the University Loyola Andalusia, depending on the mode of access, and submit the corresponding documentation to the General Secretariat.

Now select your mode of access and find information about the requirements and documentation you will have to submit.

If you have any question, please contact us via email:

You MUST apply for an Admission Test if you come from:

You DON’T HAVE TO apply for the Admission Test if you come from:

What is the content of the admission test for undergraduate studies?

The Admission Test is made up of two parts: the aptitude test and the English level test. This is to give us a profile of the candidate who is applying for admission to a degree or a dual degree. In the global result, in order to be admitted into Universidad Loyola, the academic record of the studies that give access to the University are also taken into account. The tests take place in the morning, and last about two and a half hours.

What material should the candidate bring to do the test?

  • A portable computer
  • Headphones

To be registered and do the Admission Test, click the following button.


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