Accommodation for international students

International students normally stay in shared flats with other Spanish students; this will help you integrate yourself into the university and city environments. Furthermore, this will enrich your stay through cross-cultural living. The members of the Loyola 360° buddy program will help you find an accommodation before your arrival. 
Accommodation in Cordoba

The Universidad Loyola has collaboration agreements with two agencies in town, in order to guarantee quality flats for our international students, granting a good service all through their stay. These are centrically located flats, modernly furnished, full equipped with air conditioningm Wi-Fi and phone service.

SOLRENT offers a wide array of flats for students who come either for a semester or for a year. These flats are well located and in great condition. Contact person: Patricia Molleda: . tlf. +34 664 837 837.

SOLRENT’S renting calendar is aligned to the University academic calendar:

  • Students staying in the first semester will pay the renting fee from the end of August to mid January.
  • Students staying in the second semester will pay the renting fee from mid January to the end of July.
  • Annual students must complete the whole payment period, wich starts at the end of August to the beginning of July.

 SOLRENT is a private agency and they charge a fare for their service.


The company offers charming apartments right in the historical part of the city. Contact person: Ángela, , tlf +34 617 363 235.

If you do not find any accommodation before your arrival, we recommend that you reserve a room in the Albergue de la Juventud, for a couple of nights. It is well equipped and fairly inexpensive. You can make a reservation by telephone or through their webpage. The Albergue de la Juventud in Córdoba is always in high demand, which is why we recommend that you make your reservation at least two months in advance. 

Accommodation in Seville

The International Office will help you finding a suitable accommodation in Sevilla, by recommending some agencies that collaborate with Universidad Loyola and offer the best rooms in town for our students.
Flunist in Seville is one of the agencies that can help you find a suitable accommodation according to your preferences. Contact Irene Molina at  or find them on Facebook.

These agencies will not charge you with extra fees for their accommodation services.

Your Loyola 360 Buddy may also help you upon your arrival regarding your stay accommodation.

In the case you want to stay with a host family, Universidad Loyola and the Loyola 360 Buddy program is willing work together with you in order to find the best fit. 

If you have difficulty finding accommodation before your arrival in Seville the Albergue de la Juventud de Sevilla is a great option for the first few days while you continue your search. Their location is within walking distance of Universidad Loyola.

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Another one which can provide you with an apartment is Room Sevilla  They offer affordable and centrally located apartments. You can book your apartment online