The International Relations Service (SRI) heads the internationalization of Loyola University Andalucía through the development of Mobility Programs for students and personnel, the promotion of international cooperation networks and research, and also the setting up of agreements and the organization of international activities.

Internationalization is intrinsic to the identity of the University. This is because, as well as improving the quality of teaching and research, it also means bigger and better employment opportunities for our graduates, and facilitates the acquisition of intercultural values that contribute to our personal development.


Francisco de Borja Martín Garrido


957 222 100

Mayte Lara de Haro

Assistant Director

955 641 600 (Ext. 2539)

Alejandra de Miguel Jones

Coord. of Incoming Mobility Students

957 222 100 (Ext. 2224)

Sonsoles Muñoz Rascón

SRI Assistant

955 641 600 (Ext. 2522)

Maica Martínez Carrillo

SRI Assistant

957 222 100 (Ext. 2219)

Ana Navarro Ruiz

SRI Assistant

955 641 600 (Ext. 2482)

Lucía Delgado Moreno

SRI Assistant

955 641 600 (Ext. 2628)

Ignacio Garrido Cruz

SRI Assistant

955 641 600 (Ext. 2165)

Erika Natalia Lozano Vega

SRI Assistant

957 222 100 (Ext. 2131)