Welcome to Loyola Idiomas!

Loyola Idiomas (Loyola Idiomas) is the center in Loyola University where you can develop linguistic and cultural skills to enable you  to hold your own in international contexts.  We would like to open the doors for you to have an opportunity to live, study or work in a foreign country, without language being a barrier.

Loyola Idiomas is in itself a meeting place for different cultures, where you will be able to share intercultural experiences and knowledge, and develop positive attitudes toward linguistic diversity and cultural pluralism in today’s world.
We would like to contribute in this way to forming a peaceful society that shares the values of recognizing and accepting our fellow man.

And you cannot only learn a language but also certify it, since we are an Official Examination Center of Cambridge Examinations for the University of Cambridge, a BULATS agent and an examining center for TOEFL, all institutions renowned and recognized worldwide.

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