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14. Portada cursos de español

Loyola Idiomas  is the language center of Loyola University on campus in Seville and Cordoba. We are experts in language training and assessment and have given Spanish courses to thousands of international students over the years. We welcome students from all over the world to our ever-growing international university.

15. Portada servicios de español

At Loyola Idiomas we enable students to develop linguistic and cultural skills that will allow them to live and experience a richer professional and personal life. We want to open the doors to giving you the opportunity to live, study or work abroad without language barriers.

Loyola Idiomas is, furthermore, a meeting place for different cultures where you will be able to share experiences and knowledge through intercultural exchanges, developing positive attitudes towards the linguistic diversity and cultural pluralism of today’s world.

Our goal is to improve the knowledge of foreign languages for the whole university community and of Spanish for international students.

Here you will find the information necessary for those students who wish to go abroad to study (outgoing) and for those who choose to opt for Universidad Loyola as their overseas study option (incoming).

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