Spanish Language Classes and Cultural Workshops for incoming international students

Your educational experience with Loyola Idiomas, Culture and Communication will provide you with the language and cultural skills needed to make the most of your stay in Spain.

10-hour intensive Spanish course

We offer a free 10-hour intensive Spanish course which is worth a total of 1 ECTS for all international students at the beginning of their stay in Spain providing them with a survival kit enabling them to begin this exciting journey.

30-hour extensive Spanish course

To complement this intensive course we offer a 30-hour extensive Spanish language course in various levels which is worth a total of 3 ECTS depending on the requirements of the home institution. See the syllabi below for more information about the contents of these courses. This 30-hour extensive course has a price of 297€.

30 hours extensive Spanish course + 10 hours intensive Spanish course are worth a total of 4 ECTS


Syllabus A1 Spanish Course 4 ECTS


 Syllabus A2 Spanish Course 4 ECTS


  Syllabus B1 Spanish Course 4 ECTS


  Syllabus B2 Spanish Course Composition 4 ECTS


Syllabus B2 Spanish Course Conversation 4 ECTS


Syllabus B2+ Spanish Course 4 ECTS


Spanish Cultural Workshops

The workshops on Spanish culture will take place on various days during the semester, each day dedicated to a specific topic that will open your eyes to the richness of the Andalucian society, history and civilisation. 

Sample workshop topics include:

Flamenco – an in-depth look at the traditional folk music and dance of Andalusia including dance classes with a flamenco dancer!

Legends and Traditions of Andalucía including a tour of the historic center of Seville / Cordoba.

Andalusian Gastronomy where we look at the famous dishes and culinary delights of Andalusian cuisine. This workshop includes visits to local markets and a Tapas Night in the centre of the city.

Andalusian fairs and holidays including Semana Santa and the Feria.

Spanish Literature including texts from the Spanish Siglo de Oro.

Spanish Media including an in-depth look at films, television and the press.

The workshops ensure you make the most of your Spanish experience and immerse you even more in your study experience. The workshops may be taken as an extracurricular activity or an academic course worth 2 ETCS depending on the requirements of the home institution. 

Syllabus Cultural Workshops 2 ECTS


Individual and group classes

Loyola Idiomas offers group and individual classes outside of the academic timetable for students who are looking for individual Spanish language tuition or groups who need a specific timetable to suit their personal and professional lives.

The management team are delighted to study different options of courses and timetables to fit in with your needs.

Official exams – SIELE

Loyola Idiomas is also an official exam centre for the world-renowned SIELE exams. SIELE (Servicio Internacional de Evaluación de la Lengua Española) certifies electronically the command of the Spanish language proficiency for students and professionals. When you finish your course, you can sit this exam at our university and receive a certificate of your Spanish proficiency.

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