Why should you study Energy Engineering?

The degree in Energy Engineering of Loyola University Andalusia is directly  linked to traditional Industrial Engineering, with a general overview of the technology in this field, and specialization in technologies and products related to the stages of the energy sector: production (nuclear power plants, fossil fuels, renewables), transport and electricity distribution, and consumption (energy efficiency in products, buildings and facilities).
It is a growing market favored by the emergence of renewable energies, where the demand for professionals has remarkably and steadily increased in the last decade. Students can directly access the Master’s in Industrial Engineering to obtain the professional competence of the industrial engineer.

Why should you study a program of Industrial Engineering?

Industrial Engineering is a successful professional career, highly regarded in our country, whose wide competencies are all regulated by public law. Its versatility has allowed professionals in Industrial Engineering to play very varied roles both in the private sector and in public administration. Industrial engineers have the qualifications needed to assume high level responsibilities in technological, industrial and infrastructure companies.

On the basis of their cross-disciplinary education, experienced professionals in this field have access to decision-making positions in companies.

The engineering profession in general enjoys a significant degree of internationalization and recognition abroad, and consequently, these professionals can develop their career in global institutions.

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