The Vice-Rectorate of Academic Affairs is responsible for the planning, coordination and development of teaching in undergraduate degrees and Master’s in this University.  This work is done in coordination with the deans, center directors and department heads, reaching out  in different dimensions.

Teaching is organized through the Teaching Management Plan (POD in Spanish) for each academic year, providing the teaching resources necessary to develop educational activities. All aspects related to quality and excellence in the official degrees are governed by the Vice-Rectorate, both in terms of participation in national programs defined by ANECA (verification, monitoring and accreditation of official degrees), as well as with regard to international accreditation.

The coordination of structured teaching and processes of coordination are also responsibilities of this service. Moreover, the Training and Teaching Innovation Unit is in charge of teacher training, the updating and continuous improvement of teaching methods and innovation in the process of teaching and learning.

Finally, the guidance and support of students during their training process is the responsibility of the Academic Guidance Service, and the Counseling Service with respect to Psychology, Education and Social attention, dependent on the Vice-Rectorate.

The main aim of all this activity is for the students of Loyola University Andalusia to achieve a well-rounded education to become people who are professional, competent and committed to a more just and more humane world.

Francisco José Martínez Estudillo

Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs

María Victoria Pérez Alcalá

Rocío Rubio Ruiz

Adriana Boix Vega

Verónica Serrano Rubio

Eugenia Gago Silva

Lorena Montes Gutiérrez

Ana Peña Domínguez